Cold Vengeance - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Cold Vengeance

By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

  • Release Date: 2011-08-02
  • Genre: Police Procedural
4 Score: 4 (From 702 Ratings)


Twelve years ago, Special Agent Pendergast's beloved wife was murdered during an African safari -- and now, he's on a quest for revenge.
Devastated by the discovery that his wife, Helen, was murdered, Special Agent Pendergast must have retribution. But revenge is not simple. As he stalks his wife's betrayers--a chase that takes him from the wild moors of Scotland to the bustling streets of New York City and the darkest bayous of Louisiana--he is also forced to dig further into Helen's past. And he is stunned to learn that Helen may have been a collaborator in her own murder.

Peeling back the layers of deception, Pendergast realizes that the conspiracy is deeper, goes back generations, and is more monstrous than he could have ever imagined--and everything he's believed, everything he's trusted, everything he's understood . . . may be a horrific lie.


  • Cold Nengeance

    By trollogre
    For a more accurate rating, I need more than five stars☺️
  • Cold Vengeance

    By Col TTG
    Excellent,fast moving, page turner.
  • F

    By 94laserstang
    F Y
  • Cold Vengeance

    By Tired Mom PA
    When I realized there was another Agent P book out there, I could not wait until I had my grubby digital hands on it! Was fantastic. Read it on every lunch hour, and as soon as I got home before going to bed. Just finished-Friday, May 17, 2013. Thank you and I eagerly await the next book with my favorite Special Agent!
  • Cold Vengeance

    By Boysmumas
    By boysmumas Excellent novel with Pendergast and all characters of these terrific novels. Why must we subject ourselves to these Gideon Sword and Gideon Corpse novels. They are boring and dull. Now I must wait until December to finish my quest with Pendergast. We don't need anymore characters in anymore plots to divert our thoughts from Pendergast. You've got a great thing going please don't spoil it with introducing anymore investigators as diversions with other characters. Stick with a proven track record.
  • Cold Vengenc

    By Dooleojo
    GEEZE, really? This is no way to level a suspense novel without promise on another promise of a follow up. Hated t he ending, give me the chance to answer all the unanswered ????????????????
  • EXCELLENT !!!!

    By <3 reading
    This book was sooo good I can hardly wait for the next one to come out!!! I couldnt stop reading!! Wonderful writers! Obviously, very educated men. SUPERB!!
  • Disappointing

    By Mtn_Reader
    As a fan of the Pendergast books, this was the only one that was really a let down. Some of the "action" scenes went on for so long that I started to skim them. Still, it would have been a good read, except that the end did not just leave the reader hanging. It left the whole story hanging. Yes, it's part of a trilogy, but NO conclusion at all? Two major characters are in life-threatening situations and… DONE. That's a cheap shot. I'd have waited to buy two books at once if I had known that this one did not stand on it's own.
  • Louise

    By 1Raven99
    As usual a fantastic Pendergast. I couldn't put down this book or any of the others, can't wait for the next one. Pendergast is my hero, and what an inspiration of will.
  • Cold Vengence

    By Berry Cobbler
    Great read - bummed that I have to get the third book for answers and resolution. But I will be getting it as soon as it comes out!