The Ultimate Whole food DASH Mediterranean Diet Cookbook PD - Rina S. Gritton

The Ultimate Whole food DASH Mediterranean Diet Cookbook PD

By Rina S. Gritton

  • Release Date: 2019-04-10
  • Genre: Special Diet

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Our "normal" everyday meals are filled with empty calories that are cheap and readily available. Such food that has been overly processed can readily lead to severe health conditions as has been witnessed all over the world. The deviation from natural, wholesome foods has brought about this epidemic. Due to our fixation with these dangerous "foods," we find it quite hard dumping them and eating healthy foods that have a whole lot of advantages for the human body.

This book is a combination of three amazing cookbooks for a healthy living. The recipes and other information contained within the pages are not just for losing weight, cutting down on excess body weight or having a good cardiovascular system, it's all about your taste buds, enjoying great meals and looking forward to those meal times. You don't have to sacrifice enjoying your meals for staying healthy. You can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The recipes in these books work together in sync with your aim to eat healthy nourishing meals and at the same time having no worries about any health condition creeping up on you. This book contains recipes that are very effective, easy to prepare with ingredients readily available at your nearest supermarket and much more. Recipes from the Mediterranean region which has impacted great health on people of that region, DASH meals which considerably keeps your blood levels regular and whole food diet with flavorful dishes all come together to make up this cookbook.

You will get recipes rich in vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, poultry, beans and a host of other great food substances. 

"The Ultimate Whole food DASH, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook," offers you easy recipes, showing you what great food is all about, guiding you through the process of evolving from someone who lives to eat to an enlightened person who eats to live. This book is a must GET. Do not wait a minute longer.

Let's go on this ride filled with vibrant and amazing recipes together!