The Cannabis Cookbook Bible 3 Books in 1 - Rina S. Gritton

The Cannabis Cookbook Bible 3 Books in 1

By Rina S. Gritton

  • Release Date: 2018-09-05
  • Genre: Special Diet

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Considering cooking with cannabis or making use of products of marijuana must have crossed your mind a few times but getting started has been an uphill task with the legal issues surrounding the use of the product.  This is not an option as the ignorance, and strict hold on the availability of this plant has been eased gradually. With the regulations appearing to come to terms with the inevitability of making mainstream cannabis use, you can fully start to enjoy the amazing benefits of cannabis and its allied products. 

This book is a compilation of three books; The Healing Path with Essential CBD oil and Hemp oil; The Simple Beginners Guide to Managing Anxiety Attacks, Weight Loss, Diabetes and Holistic Healing, 32 Delicious Cannabis infused drinks; Healthy marijuana appetizers, tonics, and cocktails and Marijuana Stoner Chef Cookbook A Beginners Guide to Simple, Easy and Healthy Cannabis Recipes. These books were written to start you on the path of living a healthy life free of pain and everyday discomforts, having a delicious meal with friends and family and spicing up your day.

What other reasons do you need to buy this book?

You get a beginners idea of what cannabis is all about

How to buy high-grade marijuana.

Know the great health benefits you can get from the use of cannabis and CBD oil.

Great recipes and edibles that you can make from cannabis.

Guide on how to dose using CBD oil.

How to maximize the effects of cannabis in your cooking.

Preparing cannabis-infused smoothies, cocktails and beverages that can be made from cannabis.

This book is all you need to become comfortable and have a nice relation making use of cannabis. This is a plant that can be incorporated into your everyday meals. You will also learn how you can explore this plant and derive the very best it has got to offer.

You have waited your whole life for this very moment. Don't let his minute slip by you. Get this book now explore the colorful world of cannabis!